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Boost Your Resume with an Internship Abroad

Our international internships are the career-making experiences you’re looking for a summer or semester internship that boosts your resume while showing you the world. What’s more, through our internship programs, you’re placed with a reputable company where you can have an impact. Gone are the days of getting coffee or making copies; with an swiftsure internship offers, you’re developing professional prowess and putting all of these years of education to real, professional use.

After interning abroad with us, it’s not just that you’ll have something to talk about in an interview.

It’s that you’ll have something to talk about for the rest of your life.

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Start exploring internship programs that fit your personal and professional goals. From a full-time internship in Santiago to a part-time internship while you study abroad in Barcelona, we offer internships abroad in nearly all of our locations across the globe. All over the world internship program is offered.

Summer Internships

You’ve heard it your whole life you need internship experience to stand out in the job market. This is the perfect time to embrace that opportunity with a full-time summer internship abroad or in the United States.

Summer internships place you in your field of choice. They’re hands-on, related to your future career, and filled with real learning opportunities. Through cultural immersion, you further develop your independence, communication, self-confidence, and other highly sought after job skills, all while gaining professional experience and having the adventure of your life. To top it all off, your summer internship will be with the premier internship provider, Internships; and we guarantee a summer internship abroad in your field of choice.

No matter where you intern with us, one thing is for sure: you'll add global brilliance to your resume with swiftsure Internships offers.

Semester Internships Abroad

Explore semester-long internship programs all around the world. Whether you're looking to add a part-time internship to your study abroad program (for no extra cost!) or you want to dive into professional life on a full-time internship program, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Full-Time Internship Programs

Looking to just get out there and work full-time already? Our full-time semester internships are perfect for recent graduates and current students who are looking to launch their careers in a global context. You'll gain 25 to 40 hours of hands-on work per week for approximately 12 weeks at an internship placement in your field.

Part-Time Internships on Study Abroad Programs

More than half of our semester study abroad programs offer you the opportunity to swap one of your elective courses for a part-time internship at no extra cost! You'll participate in an accompanying for-credit course to provide context for what you're learning on the job.



A nursing internship abroad with Work the World will help shape you into the nurse you have the potential to become.

Our internships are educational in nature and will help you develop the confidence to take on any challenge the wards present when you get home.

When you return to your nursing studies you’ll be seen as a strong and competent nursing student, earning you recognition from your peers.

And with a nursing student internship on your resume, employers will be fighting to get you in the door.

Already a practising professional nurse? We can create an internship for you to — learn more here.


A Work the World internship is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to experience a voluntary clinical rotation in a hospital in the developing world.

In our low-resource African, Asian, or Latin American and many more countries partner hospitals, you’ll have your eyes opened to things like:

Disposable/single-use equipment being sterilized and reused

Families providing bedside care including manual ventilation

A lack of patient privacy including multiple patients in one bed

Traditional herbal medicine used in place of modern techniques

Back-to-basics care like manual intubation without analgesia

Whatever your interests — emergency, pediatrics, labor and delivery, or anything else — we will craft an internship with your name on it.

You’ll travel overseas to see all the challenges local staff tussle with each day. And you’ll come back a stronger nurse because of it.


Our partner hospitals are full working hospitals. That means there’s a reasonable limit to the number of nursing students we can send. So please remember that when one of our destinations is full, it’s full.

But you can secure your place in your first choice of destination by getting in early.

Need more information before you make your choice? Whatever your inquiry, we’re here to help.


Hospitality and tourism is a great field to have an internship experience abroad in. International hospitality internships offer you direct experience in hotels and the travel industry. You will have the chance to work full-time on a wide range of tasks including planning, marketing, and customer service. At Swiftsure consultant, we do our best to tailor each internship to your background and future career goals. Hospitality and tourism internships are one of our most popular fields and available in all of our locations. Find out more about hospitality and tourism internships we have abroad.

Applying for Swiftsure consultant' internship program will put you in contact with one of our hardworking Admissions Counselors. We'll learn more about you to ensure you are a good candidate to intern abroad. After you've completed your application and interview, you'll work with our Placement Team to find the best-tailored internship for you. Once accepted we guarantee you an internship in your approved career field.

Hospitality internships abroad generally last between two and six months, depending on the internal preferences and availability. On the other hand, whether or not you will be paid for your services usually comes down to your host country's labor laws and the practices of the specific business which you are interning with. Remember while interning abroad that the hospitality industry is largely about the connections you make and keep, so take advantage of your international internship to do some global networking!

Interning abroad is more than just a great way to get a step up over your competition in the industry and gain a feel for what management level positions will be like. Travelling abroad also presents the opportunity to experience whole new cultures and adventures, giving you new friends and memories that will last a lifetime

We Recruit Chefs & Hospitality Professionals from all over the World for Placements in Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and many more …..


Employers in the hospitality industry look for flexibility, communication skills, and social adeptness when hiring new employees. Nothing will show off your experience and qualifications in all of these categories quite like a hospitality internship abroad. By interning abroad in hospitality you will be forced to meet challenges head on, and adapt to the demands of a new culture and highly stimulating work environment. A hospitality internship abroad will allow you to undergo tremendous professional growth and demonstrate to future employers that you have what it takes to succeed in the hospitality industry anywhere in the world.


Must be aged 18 to 35
Current student, Student waiting for their results / Vocational Qualification, Recent Hospitality Graduates / Diploma
Fluency in English

Internship hours:

8-9 Hours Duty Daily, 6 Days a week Internship
Anything above this will be counted as overtime and separate daily wages will be paid for the same, tips extra
Stipend food and accommodation depends on Location and the property

Visa Type:

Internship cum Work Visa
Internship Duration:
4 months to 6 months

J1 Visa USA:

Management Training Program in the USA allows you to train with companies in the USA for up to 12 months in a field related to your career or Eligibility Criteria to qualify for the J1 Internship Program you should fulfill the following requirements:

Hold a Diploma or Degree from a University with one year work experience OR be a current student enrolled in a degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution outside of the U.S.


Be a recent graduate from a degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution, and will begin the program within 12 months of graduation. OR be a Non-graduate with at least five years' work experience and be aged between 18 and 30 years. (USA Immigration Regulations)
Few positions related to the hospitality industry are
Front Office (GSA) / Rooms Division Management
Food & Beverage Management
Culinary Management
Our Clients:
The participating hotels and resorts are four & five star properties throughout the USA